Oil Divestment, terror, and pensions

One of the terms you sometimes encounter in counter terrorism is the phrase climate terrorism.  This actually refers to the overall change in the climate which contributes to social and domestic problems and contributes to a nation’s inclination towards violence, since violence is born out of desperation, and climate change destroys the future of communities.

One of the biggest concerns I see from the perspective of a security and commodities blogger is that in Canada, many if not most of the public pension programs are directly tied to oil companies, and they are generally in hidden accounts. It is hypocritical of Canada to denounce terrorism in light of the Panama Papers and the proposed Saudi Arabian arms deal, as we are currently helping to finance the same corporations who do business with the “Angel Investors” who are funding groups like the Daesch and Boko Haram.

One of the most disconcerting facts that arises out of cutting this particular Gordian Knot is the fact that it means that we are paying for veteran’s pensions with the same money that is contributing to the wars that destroyed their lives, which is the utter insult.

One thought on “Oil Divestment, terror, and pensions

  1. so they pay off veterans for the wars they cause the same way they pay for oil spills and disasters they created? while it would be very nice if they would just not start public wars for their private land disputes, that ruin or end the lives of soldiers who were trying to serve their country, (not some company’s affairs) shouldn’t these big companies be responsible for paying these people whose lives they ruined or the families if they died in the line of duty?


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