Seed Bombs

Seed bombs are a DIY project which involves mud, your bare hands, and the seeds of your choice.  You make compact balls of mud and then roll them around in the seeds you want delivered, then either use them immediately by throwing them through the air while still damp, or as dried balls, depending on […]

Landscaping A Physiks or Herb Garden

The best time to gather or maintain herbs is actually at night, particularly with the more succulent varieties, as this allows you to pinch off sections as needed, water without causing scorching, and inspecting for snails and slugs. Most herb gardens incorporate both edible and medicinal herbs with flowers and plants which have no other […]

Onions and pinecones

When I lived in the city, I often resorted to unique answers to my gardening problems, and one of those was to grow my green onion tips back.  I would regrow them in water in the sun and then plant them in dirt that I supplemented with pinecones. Pinecones don’t ordinarily resprout unless exposed to […]