This is the home of the Doctrine Dominatrix.  I am an independent securities and commodities blogger and promotional model who recently became a social media ambassador for Destiny Rescue.

How I Woke Up a Cartoon Character

My primary focus is modern warfare, engineering,  an obscure branch of medicine called psychoneuroimmunology, and human trafficking.  I also enjoy writing about gardening, occasionally dabble in poetry, and sometimes write about psychology.  I expect my posts to reflect my interests in sometimes surprising ways.  🙂

I am also a data miner and researcher. I am also starting to try my hand at fiction writing.

Please contact me if you are interested in retaining me as a consultant or researcher, or if you are interested in having your work or fair trade business hosted on this site.

I can be reached at or



Please note, views expressed herein are entirely my own.

Semper Fi. And Pro Patria.  Stay calm and stay stainless.

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One thought on “Biography

  1. well….any help on the front of acknowledging the harms of mefloquine on our soldiers….as well as general population…would be helpful. people NEED to believe what is really going on…they NEED to understand.

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