Fundraising for therapy dog

So as you know I have a mysterious illness which causes me a lot of stress and anxiety. It’s called immune thrombocytopenia and it causes a lot of issues including subclinical acute on chronic kidney disease. I don’t have a great prognosis, but with management I can have a decent quality of life. One major […]

An Abolitionist’s Disgust

I’m not really sure what to say; I’m trying to deal with a lot of my own health issues and frankly I find American politics detrimental to my remission; it’s too much to expect me to be civil and engaging with people who are so wrapped up in their need to defend themselves against their […]

Just a Blog

I spent a lot of time in Hell using problem solving to prevent him from hurting me. One problem we worked on was how to use technology to address climate change and the refugee crisis; before I got out of there and saw ads about it on Facebook we were talking about shroomcrete and limecrete […]

An Examination of Political and Environmental Impacts on Mental Health In a Culture of Moral Censorship and Sensationalism.

In this essay I will be introducing several startling ideas which run contrary to accepted understanding of models of mental health, and will endeavor to state my case as well as I can despite the extremely complicated nature of the science behind these new ways of understanding mental issues. Citations will be provided in order to verify the claims made herein.

Confessions of a Mythological Being

Some background for those trying to follow along on my journeys. I have a very rare bleeding disorder. Its very complicated, and involves platelets, mast cells, and probably uric acid crystals causing widespread inflammation, including intracranial.  My doctor isn’t really sure how I’m alive, and encourages me to embrace the self identity of a superhero […]