So you can’t afford food

One of the things that never ceases to amaze me is an odd law called the codex allimentarius, which was set down like a century ago under British trade laws and somehow became incorporated into pharmaceutical and food laws today internationally, probably through the East India Trading Company and Lloyds of London. The codex basically […]

The Threads of Trade

Today I went into town and went shopping, as per my regular MO.  I am looking into work and moving, and rather than have to bring boxes in and out of my rather cramped space more than once, I decided instead to buy another trunk to put my things in, which ran me $30.00 at […]

The Physiks Garden

Historically gardens include both a kitchen garden and a Physiks garden.  Our ancestors generally relied upon permascaping, particularly at castle or manorial gardens. Orchards and kitchen gardens feuled the internal economy and the physiks garden was for herbs. Traditional physiks gardens are often laid out in concentric circles or mandalas of intersecting shapes made of […]