On anger and gun control

As anger is often a masking emotion for other sorts of pain, I would suggest that instead of simply parroting the line “mental health”, we examine what behaviour sets we can put in place to avoid what anger masks – despondency, helplessness, the feeling of being trapped – through free community based leadership and financial […]

Theory Regarding Treating Depression

Depression, as it turns out, of the longterm variety, is caused by chronic inflammation of the glial cells in response to ongoing cellular stress causing oxidization of the nervous system. That’s as close to English as I can get it. That’s not to say that depression doesn’t exist; its the exact opposite actually.  It means […]

Dealing with PTSD in Canadian Officers

PTSD is a constellation of psychological conditions and physiological reactions to either experiencing or witnessing traumatic events. In its acute phase, the PTSD sufferer is generally dealing with chaotic internal dialogue, nervous exhaustion and an overly stimulated nervous system with possible associated internal organ issues, and a general failure of coping mechanisms. Immediately following the […]