On anger and gun control

As anger is often a masking emotion for other sorts of pain, I would suggest that instead of simply parroting the line “mental health”, we examine what behaviour sets we can put in place to avoid what anger masks – despondency, helplessness, the feeling of being trapped – through free community based leadership and financial literacy training…. and then set an example; actually make sure every level of society has access to these resources, because half the problem of anger for men in particular is the stigma associated with not meeting your family’s needs or expectations.

Another actionable strategy to decreasing gun violence is simply to ensure children learn to value solid characteristics and the tools for emotional regulation and to instil in them a basic respect for life and the right to quiet enjoyment of life.

When we collectively shake our heads and mumble excuses and ignore the fact that anger motivates gun deaths are becoming endemic to modern society, we ignore the ability to end not just school shootings, but suicides, domestic violence, and possibly terrorism. We become complicit in our silence.

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