Game Idea – Fair Trade Business

I play several fashion design simulator games.  If you don’t know how that works, it is like being a dressmaker.  You can often compete in fashion shows, and like any other game, you use tokens. I have the idea of taking this another step further.  Basically, a shopping and design simulator using fair trade products […]

What’s a Food Desert?

Once upon a time I lived near 111 Avenue in Edmonton in a surprisingly quiet and isolated neighbourhood. The closest thing to a grocery store there was over ten blocks away through a scary neighbourhood by foot, or else required taking a complicated bus route.  Otherwise all the food stores were essentially convenience or dollar […]

Sticky Solutions to Sticky Problems

The medium is the message. As long as mass hysteria fuelled by religious orthodoxy of any kind exists, there is going to be ignorance and confusion.  Unfortunately, within the rank and file of Islam, the majority of adherents really have no idea what it is that they believe.  Same with extremist fundamentalist Christians of course. […]

Can Bitcoin Defeat Terrorism?

And cryptocurrency has such amazing potential for change. Instead of buying into the mainstream narrative that Bitcoin is dangerous and unregulated, blah blah blah, the very fact that terror groups have become early adapters to it should give you some idea of just how monumentally cryptocurrency can force social change and revolutionize the international economy.

Outline for Proposed Consulting Trip

Outline for Trip to Uruguay   Proposal   This trip is so I can consult with Jamie Teather on the development of a program in Canada for disenfranchised youth.   Problem:   We have too many disempowered youth in Canada who are running away from abusive situations and into the arms of gangs.  Gangs create […]