Sticky Solutions to Sticky Problems

The medium is the message.

As long as mass hysteria fuelled by religious orthodoxy of any kind exists, there is going to be ignorance and confusion.  Unfortunately, within the rank and file of Islam, the majority of adherents really have no idea what it is that they believe.  Same with extremist fundamentalist Christians of course.

One way that the media in Pakistan has been responding to the increase in extremist idealogies is to introduce the character Burka Avenger, who is loosely based off of Malala I think.  I like her style; she has a traditional hero tragic backstory, her fighting style is based off of non violence, and she promotes education.  The current crop of boy rock stars in Pakistan were the primary developers, I believe.

If I had the money to fund the project, I would actually develop a video game with Mary Magdalene fighting crime in conflict zones, and focusing on the mystery religions of the old world for context as to how Christianity and Islam overlap.

Understanding of the Arian Heresy in the context of the schism of the Eastern Catholic Church from Rome during the time of Sulemain the Great puts a nuanced backstory on the religious narrative which may otherwise be forgotten.

Respectfully submitted

Rene Millward

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