Outline for Proposed Consulting Trip

Outline for Trip to Uruguay


  • Proposal


This trip is so I can consult with Jamie Teather on the development of a program in Canada for disenfranchised youth.




We have too many disempowered youth in Canada who are running away from abusive situations and into the arms of gangs.  Gangs create a “family” feeling through solidarity, shared motivations and self policing.




We apply the military model (based off of the French Foreign Legion) to a publicly funded, privately operated, government supervised, socially responsible model for the education and molding of youth who feel they have no where else to go and no reason to keep going.

The model would provide kids who otherwise feel that they have no where to turn with a morally upright social construct, discipline, education, and social support.  In exchange, the kids would sign a waiver wherein they agree that in exchange for this, they will either serve their nation according to the skill set they graduate with and a social passport (including a new name, if necessary) at the age of 18, OR they can go to jail for failing to make good on their end of the bargain.


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