An Abolitionist’s Disgust

I’m not really sure what to say; I’m trying to deal with a lot of my own health issues and frankly I find American politics detrimental to my remission; it’s too much to expect me to be civil and engaging with people who are so wrapped up in their need to defend themselves against their own culpibility to acknowledge these atrocities or mobilize against them. ICE is sending kids home to Central America with no one to pick them up

The Five Year Old Who Was Detained At The Border And Forced to Sign Away Her Rights

Never mind that they’d defend the undefendable. And we still don’t know where the girls are!!

Where are the girls?

US loses track of another 1,500 migrant children

Nor do we know why this administration is at this time looking to merge the departments of labour and education. White House plans to merge departments of labour and education

This is beyond incomprehensible to me, as an abolitionist and it chills me that the American soul has been under such enormous attack that this kind of talk is barely headline material due to the Sinclair monopoly and spin doctors. How to deal with the Sinclair Media Group

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