Fundraising for therapy dog

So as you know I have a mysterious illness which causes me a lot of stress and anxiety. It’s called immune thrombocytopenia and it causes a lot of issues including subclinical acute on chronic kidney disease.

I don’t have a great prognosis, but with management I can have a decent quality of life. One major way it impacts me is nonepileptic or atypical seizures. I take meds to try and keep my seizure threshold up and use cannabis, but most seizure meds cause low platelets which can actually trigger more seizures so I’m largely left vulnerable to them

I feel that the companionship of a therapy dog would help me overcome a lot of the anxiety and isolation I feel, and give me more confidence to leave the house.

I have had three dogs of my own as an adult, and trained two of them on my own as the third was adopted as a senior rescue. All three lived to ripe old ages and had happy lives.

If you’re in a position to donate please do at My GoFundMe. If you’re unable to, please consider sharing fat and wide.

Thank you.

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