My Response to the Recent Purge of “Alternative” Media Sites on Faceboook and Twitter

Following the recent purge of alternative media sites like the Anti-Media and the Free Thought Project, I am considering other platforms for my pages. I am not so much concerned that the algorithms used to determine which pages should be censored will censor mine, because I have never bought a follower and I have never paid for advertising. I have at times relied on spamming groups and friend’s walls or other sites in order to raise awareness for important issues like Mefloquine toxicity (now called quinism, see here the Quinism Foundation).  But generally speaking as a rule, I don’t behave like the Anti-Media — I don’t spam groups, I am a single person and not a team of people persuading their Facebook friends to sign up for their subscriptions and I don’t push conspiracy theory; I like to examine it and remain highly skeptical, but I don’t rant on about the global elites or say the Georgian stones and how that somehow connects to an airport sculpture and how that all connects to chemtrails, which is crap I have seen pushed by sites like these.

There is also the fact that, as I learned to my horror leading up to the American election (but got ignored as usual; life as Cassandra as it is), many if not all so-called independent or alternative media has been unintentionally pushing narratives cooked up first by Stormfront or the Russians and then laundered through indie site after indie site.  I mean. If you trust the source of a news article, because he’s your buddy, your pal, are you going to sit there and fact check it? And if you do, do you have the patience to see if that article on say the Royals hunting people in their country cottages or if that article about a sex trafficking ring operating out of a pizza parlor in D.C. actually at some point can be traced to an authentic, legitimate, news source? Or is it just some feverish fantasy typed up in a basement that smells like weed and cold pizza for pay somewhere in Europe and then carefully inserted into your world with the intent of misleading your passions so you turn against your own country?

Which is the fever dream, the story or the person telling you to doubt what your buddy sent you? For most people, up to this point, it has seemed that the person telling you to question the sources of everything you read because the Russians are running a disinformation campaign and that Stormfront has somehow altered the Google algorithm is a raving madwoman, and that you and your buddy should go knock back a few beers and laugh at her.

So I am not really unduly concerned about the recent censorship by Facebook and twitter of these accounts.  I do have my worries about where censorship will lead us, but in this case I do not see it as a case of government overreach but rather a healthy and appropriate response to a growing cancer online – duplication of “indie” news media crying for subscription dollars without creating any original content and while relying on public hysteria and fearmongering to sell advertising.

If I do leave or am purged from Facebook or Twitter, I have my blog here and comments are on; I am planning to upgrade the site to a business account and hopefully have the ability to put in a chat room then; in the meantime comments are always welcome as is non-creepy fan mail.  I am also on LinkedIn under my real name and share content there quite often.

I am looking into MeWe which is an app that promises no censorship and media sharing and I am already on the site Counter Social which blocks IPs from nations identified as hostile to the USA. I’ll be honest, the political climate and emotional energy, not to mention evident intellect, is far different on Counter Social and FB or Twitter; it takes time to get used to not being under attack for believing in Russian disinformation but its worth it.

I appreciate my fans very much and hope that if I am somehow purged from the system that you will look for me elsewhere.

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