Herb Lore and an Imaginary Friend

Tonight I found myself lecturing to my imaginary friend about herb lore. ¬†I feel bad for him; I hope he is tolerant. ūüôā ¬† My imaginary friend listens to me think about things. ¬†Things of any kind. This time I was lecturing on the subject of herb lore and specifically, cardiac conditions, anxiolytics, and herbs […]

Village Fashion Рreview 

Village Fashion has been on Main Street for a very long time but I only recently began shopping exclusively in town so I’m introducing myself.         As with most stores here, the average price for accessories is $20.00, and they have a wide range of clothing and styles from various fashion houses/artisans. I believe […]

The Physiks Garden

Historically gardens include both a kitchen garden and a Physiks garden.  Our ancestors generally relied upon permascaping, particularly at castle or manorial gardens. Orchards and kitchen gardens feuled the internal economy and the physiks garden was for herbs. Traditional physiks gardens are often laid out in concentric circles or mandalas of intersecting shapes made of […]

Inside the Birdcage – Post Election Edition

I’m taking the day off of blogging tomorrow  spend some serious alone time and try and set some personal priorities, particularly after the election dust has finally stopped. As anyone with a television, radio, or internet connection is surely aware of, Election 2015 ushered in a Liberal majority government with a Conservative opposition, resulting in […]

Getting ready for Christmas 

This may be the first year in a long time that I can send gifts, and this has me very excited. I’ve been doing a lot of journaling lately and several ideas have struck me, such as fabric covered personalized journals and pens. I cut up my too peacock-y pink hijab and am using it […]

Election Day 

Today marks the end of a very long federal election campaign. Regardless of who wins, there will be changes. I hope that a revision of C-51 and efforts to improve cyber security and electronic warfare decence is part of that, as much as I hope consideration of mefloquine and its effects on our military personnel […]

Inside the Birdcage October 16, 2015

International observers to oversee Canadian election is the the main headline capturing my attention today, along with Canadian election to change the world and this one from NATO NATO Secretary General on President Obama’s Announcement on Afghanistan 15 October 2015. I am continuing my attempts to find work and a place to live.

Fair Trade and Peace Brokering

Fair trade is the practice is peer to peer trade between creator and point of sale, usually for the practice of social development. It is one of the main pillars of economic recovery in developing nation struggling with trafficking or slavery, and the encouragement of fair trade allows farmers in so called “banana republics” become […]

Slow Fashion Movement 

Slow fashion is the idea that clothing should be made ethically, using solid materials and styles that last, and preferably materials with a low ecological footprint. Supporting slow fashion means shopping locally at boutiques which investigate their sources, buying from local seamstresses or tailors, and avoiding box stores as much as possible. For me, this […]