50 Shades of Pimping

  Within human trafficking, there are actually several different types of pimps or programmers, one of them being the Romeo Pimp. Romeo Pimps behave as though they are the boyfriend and protector of their victim, and rely on trauma bonding and emotional manipulation in order to pressure their “girlfriend” into the trade.  Sometimes this takes […]

Surfing the Tide

With the impending influx of refugees coming to Canada, it seems like it might not be a bad idea to consider interfaith interchange in Canada and financial social development programs.  Canada is build on cultural exchange and immigrants, and although the D’aesch or Boko Haram use Islam for a cover, that is a blatant falsity. […]

Herb Lore and an Imaginary Friend

Tonight I found myself lecturing to my imaginary friend about herb lore.  I feel bad for him; I hope he is tolerant. 🙂   My imaginary friend listens to me think about things.  Things of any kind. This time I was lecturing on the subject of herb lore and specifically, cardiac conditions, anxiolytics, and herbs […]

Village Fashion – review 

Village Fashion has been on Main Street for a very long time but I only recently began shopping exclusively in town so I’m introducing myself.         As with most stores here, the average price for accessories is $20.00, and they have a wide range of clothing and styles from various fashion houses/artisans. I believe […]

The Physiks Garden

Historically gardens include both a kitchen garden and a Physiks garden.  Our ancestors generally relied upon permascaping, particularly at castle or manorial gardens. Orchards and kitchen gardens feuled the internal economy and the physiks garden was for herbs. Traditional physiks gardens are often laid out in concentric circles or mandalas of intersecting shapes made of […]