Herb Lore and an Imaginary Friend

Tonight I found myself lecturing to my imaginary friend about herb lore.  I feel bad for him; I hope he is tolerant. 🙂   My imaginary friend listens to me think about things.  Things of any kind.

This time I was lecturing on the subject of herb lore and specifically, cardiac conditions, anxiolytics, and herbs for impatience, like chrysanthemums.  Its nice to have an imaginary friend like this.

I forgot how much I have forgotten about herbs over the years.  Its sort of legend by now that I treated Da Vinci with yarrow, cat mint, and oregano for gangrene.  I used to grow a large herb garden and collected them for all kinds of reasons from herbal water to treating injuries and for stopping excess bleeding.

I think maybe I should do some writing on herb lore and provide citations.  Afterall the natural world is yielding some phenomenal medical results in all kinds of unexpected ways, from curing cancer and AIDs to reversing traumatic brain injury.

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