Personal branding and content development in the age of inattention and narcissism 

Lets face in, these are trying times for entrepreneurs, writers, journalists, artists, and folks in general.

I’ve been fortunate (I guess??) to have been turned into a cartoon character of sorts by those I interact with most frequently; it was Doctrine Man!! Who gave me the call sign Doctrine Dominatrix after he assigned me to task of looking into realistic long term strategies for peace brokering in the Middle East.

It’s not something I expected to happen. But I kind of like the name, and the room it gives me to explore that aspect of my personality, and I’ve gotten much more creative in my maneuvering through the trade wars.

It offends me when people assume I’m lacking in empathy or excuse me of selfishness or greed when I try to get paid for my time and talent, because I honesty can’t imagine a man being accused of such things for simply trying to make a living.

I am enjoying my new shift in thinking and blogging a great deal.

It is perhaps true that social media, and Facebook in particular feuls a sense of discontent and detachment for many, given our constant censorship both internally and externally, but if one can remain level headed and calmX it’s a marvellous tool for crafting foreign and domestic policy.

Which implies we all have a social responsibility to use our voices to advocate for one another, to think critically before posting, and to consider talent and competency in our social media and political landscape.

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