Village Fashion – review 

Village Fashion has been on Main Street for a very long time but I only recently began shopping exclusively in town so I’m introducing myself.

As with most stores here, the average price for accessories is $20.00, and they have a wide range of clothing and styles from various fashion houses/artisans. I believe they occasionally take consignments but I can’t be positive.

I’ve bought tights and knee socks here and some jewelry including a gold serpent with magnetic clasp.

I’m trying to come to terms with my new identity as a model and blogger, which appears to be the best way to advocate for trafficking victims. It’s weird but I’m kind of used to weird. Now to find a way to cover my clothing budget.

The lady and I chatted and untold her about trafficking and slavery and how they intersect with the garment industry and fair trade.

They have little emery boards as business cards and once gave me a tiny lint remover roller as a card replacement.

We discussed how as part of the antipoverty initiative set up for the region, Red Deer is positioning itself to become an entirely fair trade town and the role MH has in that.

I enjoyed my visit incredibly.


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