Life As a Woman Online

I don’t go out very often because I deal with severe social anxiety and depression as a result of my time on the Training Floor and repeated injuries – it often seems as though my entire life is dedicated simply to physio, walking the dog, writing, or sleeping – but when I do go out, […]

Business Idea Two – Video Game

I saw the introduction to what looks like an amazing feminist video game; based in a “developing” nation (? under sharia law) a princess in imprisoned by her own council, escapes, and returns to restore herself to the throne just to abolish the monarchy.  Princess Demolishes Monarchy Theoretical Game  (Please note this game coder recently […]

Analysis on the Oregon Shooter

really dislike the use of the term “beta male” to refer to the recent insanity like the Oregon shooter. He and the scum like him are not betas. Beta males are nonaggressive but protective and capable of stepping back so their female shines. An omega is a male who is rejected by the pack or […]