Inside the Birdcage – Back Inside Stormcage – October 21, 2015

My leg hurts so much from yesterday’s walk around town, but I feel really accomplished with what I got done yesterday.  It was, for abolitionism in particular and for my fashion blogging in general, a really good day.

I went around Main Street Stony Plain again and made contact with effectively all of the store owners, took photos, spoke to the owners, and received permission to highlight them in my dialogues.  I’m really pleased with this.  I had the opportunity to bend their ears on human trafficking and slavery and the important of knowing your point of purchase, and how Red Deer has been moving towards a fair trade economy in order to combat trafficking at home and abroad, as well as just to in general keep with their historical values.  I like Red Deer and always have; it’s the only place I know of with a sign in Alberta that prohibits nuclear testing.

I stopped by the church first and did some colouring and some thinking about Mary and the meaning of the red shawl and the glass windows and then I went for a walk.  I wish I had business cards, but I left most of them on various sign boards around town.  I really need to find a printer somewhere.

IMG_0430[1]  IMG_0416[1] IMG_0435[1] IMG_0532[1]

So it appears that the mainstream, or far more mainstream than my humble pirate show media is beginning to pick up on the secret black sites/torture complexes America has been hiding around the world.  I’m not sure whether to be grateful for this or traumatized, but I’m pretty sure that i’m sufficiently traumatized to keep going anyways.

My friend CiCii, or Carol Cox, who is a singer and something of a public person, has been missing from online for months now, and this is very very uncharacteristic of her.  She is very much like me and a free spirit who is always learning and loves her technology.  I can understand her taking some time off because she had so many projects going on at the time  and she apparently met a romantic partner, but this is very strange for her.  She also shut down most of her major media platforms, which is very unusual behaviour for her.  I’m concerned for her.  I know she’s a big girl and can handle herself probably much better than I can, but it’s just so unlike her!

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