Analysis on the Oregon Shooter

really dislike the use of the term “beta male” to refer to the recent insanity like the Oregon shooter.

He and the scum like him are not betas. Beta males are nonaggressive but protective and capable of stepping back so their female shines.

An omega is a male who is rejected by the pack or group of animals

    • Among wolves and lions it is naturally the role of the female to set the genetic pace.

      ….Omega males are on one side everything that an alpha male is, intelligence wise, but lacks the drive and charm necessary to be an alpha male, which is why they are rejected. But they can and do develop necessary skills to become dangerously narcisstic sociopaths.

      Alpha males are.. the norm in football towns. Alpha females aren’t as common because they draw crowds of beta males to court them.

      When omega males manage to take over the alpha postion, pack cohesion falls apart. In abnormal psychology, omega males are generally considered to be the most dangerous when matched with a female of great motivation.

      Because they risk toppling pack order entirely.

      Ego has a lot to do with virility, oddly enough. Like, on a limbic basis.  By ego, I don’t mean boastful so much as the understanding of self and duty, expectations, inner burdens, etc.

    • Q: Can you tell me what you think the appropriate term to describe the shooter’s personality is?
    • I have a very old and strange book called Infamous Murderers that explores the various archetypes of truly aberrant serial or spree killers.
      Based of the amount of thought that the oregon shooter put into the execution of his killing spree, down to the manifesto and the bit about religion, keeping in mind that he obtained his arsenal through legal means, I can conclude this:
      If he said he hated organized religion and believed he was going to find a soulmate in the left-hand occult path part of the pagan community, which is the best conclusion to reach based off of both his behaviour and his dating profile, then we should believe him.  Psychopath or not, he believed in his ideas – whatever they were – enough to kill and die for them.

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