Inside the Birdcage – April 6, 2015

So I have been in absentia while I try and figure out a way to shore up my finances so I can go to Uruguay — it’s a constant battle — and watch the world fall apart from my bird’s nest/submarine.  (However you’d like to view it…  It makes the most sense if you understand that I am the opposite of claustrophobic — I LOVE small spaces — and that I view my cellphone as my TARDIS into world affairs.  I’ve been watching the political football game with some amusement for awhile but decided to take Da Vinci outside and sing for the past couple of days and reflect.

There are protests being held for a woman named Cindy Gladue.  Cindy Gladue was a sex worker who was found dead in a hotel room from a cut to her vagina.  The man was found innocent.  How? What?!!!????  I don’t understand.  To make the situation even more disgusting, they brought her preserved vagina to the courtroom.

I cannot even begin to express my disgust with the legal system at this very moment.

I didn’t become Darkwingwren because my life was peaches.  The day I decided to move back out to the middle of nowhere was the day when I had to go to social services and ran into a group of naked white men washing blood off themselves at 5 am and on the way there on the bus I read about “another decapitation”.  So I confess, it took me a long while to summon the energy to be outraged by this atrocity.  But I am.  I am outraged that I consider it a feat when I go grocery shopping without at least one weapon my body.  I am outraged that the fact that she was acting as a sex trade worker when this occurred is even a consideration to the fact that she was tortured and left for dead in a hotel room, and that the man responsible for this is walking among us.

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