The Use of Mefloquine At Gitmo, A Story of Black Sites and Off Label Drug Abuse

For those just joining me, Mefloquine is an anti-malarial which was given – not prescribed – to pretty much all NATO and UN troops, I think, during recent conflicts, notably Somalia, Afghanistan, Rwanda, Cambodia, and I can’t remember the other one.  The Somalia Incident can be traced back to Mefloquine.  Mefloquine has many many damaging effects on both the psyche and the physiology of a human being, because of the pharmakinetics behind how it works as an antimalarial.  None of what I say is intended to dispute its efficiency as a malarial; but rather to illuminate what it actually does on a cellular basis.

What can and has been repeatedly established is that Mefloquine has an incredibly nasty side effect list, and that like many drugs created for mass distribution, it is likely that the makers really had no understanding of how it worked when they started distributing it.

Some of the phsyiological functions of Mefloquine include interference with something called a muscarin receptor, which is in the musculoskeletal tissue of the chest around the spine, I think.

Muscarin receptors have been targeted by those seeking a truth serum for centuries and muscarin interrupting drugs have been used in interrogations for years.

In addition, Mefloquine’s black label, or off label, effects — in other words, those for which people would want to use the drug which is was not liscenced for – since the use of Mefloquine in Cuba on the prisoners in Guatanamo Bay makes absoluely no sense from a purely no-harm medical point of view because there is no malaria in Cuba.

leads me to conclude that the only reason for the dosing of the prisoners in Guatanamo Bay was for the purpose of exploiting the black label effects of Mefloquine on the psyche — in other words, precisely because it causes hallucinations and psychosis and breaks the psyche.  For the side effects, in other words, not for its intended purpose.

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