Inside the Birdcage – September 6, 2015

Realistically, today is just not very exciting.  I have no plans to go wandering around the Dark Web today, and I’m not really in the mood for designing or inventing anything.  It is, after all, Sunday, and since I keep being told to take a break because my sense of duty is disgusting and makes people feel bad, I figure a little R&R is exactly what the doctor ordered.

I did however manage to get one administrative task done today, which was to register a prepaid credit card so I can finally pay the bookkeepers to release my tax stuff so I can get my taxes back. After that gets done and I am no longer poor (this month anyway) I promised my cousin Ramie a $25 donation for her rides for the Make a Wish Foundation, and have to pay for a software development program.  I am however really kind of excited, because once this part of administration is done, I can start work on the development of the game I have been thinking about.

On Friday while I was mincing around town in my ridiculously painful high heels, I wandered into a place called Community Futures, and had a chat with a lady this time.  I have been there before, once to discuss whether or not I have a viable business platform, but the last time that I spoke to one of their representatives, there was some….  Basically what happened was that I found myself telling an extremely white collar (with starch!) middle aged man from a very small farming community in a town that looks like a postage stamp that I was going to be branding myself with the moniker “Doctrine Dominatrix”.  It didn’t go very well; apparently it made him quite uncomfortable and the conversation left me extremely frustrated and annoyed.

This time went much better, possibly because I was speaking on a face-to-face basis and to a lady rather than a man.  I explained that I already have a readership and a fan base, and that I will be sticking with my moniker in order to serve my readership, since I don’t delude myself into believing that I have a very broad readership base, but I do know WHO is reading my work, and that’s really the important bit, I think. She invited me to drop by again this week to stop in and chat about some of my ideas.

I had a really great conversation last week with one of my readers, actually.  He sent me some material on vulnerable writing and urged me to write my memoirs. I have actually started, and pick it up now and then, partly for therapeutic reasons and partly because I have been considering publishing them some day.  I found this conversation to be both extremely helpful both as a writer and as a person, and I imagine it will be one of those that I tuck away into one of the imaginary jewelry boxes in my memory palace so I can take it out and look at it in years to come.

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