Inside the Birdcage – September 7, 2015

Today was a holiday – Labour Day, to be specific, and although I generally don’t pay much attention to holidays, it meant that my administration stuff has to be delayed another day.  Okay, whatever.

Over the past week, the refugee crisis has finally captured the imaginations and minds of my fellow Canadians, and it is becoming an election issue.

All Party Leaders Need to Discuss Refugee Crisis – Trudeau

Since the field of combatting human trafficking involves refugees (as traffickers prey on these already suffering and vulnerable people), the state of the world’s refugee crisis is something that weighs deeply on my mind, and I am glad to see that it has become an issue for national discussion.  I admit, I was actually hoping that with the discussion of refugees on the table, that would lead to a conversation about trafficking and the state of our missing and murdered Indigenous women, but I have so far been disappointed there.

“Not Fair” to expect government action on missing and murdered Indigenous Women  This actually makes me utterly livid.  It’s not fair for me to expect government action on missing and murdered women in my nation when someone vanishes into the darkness of trafficking every 26 seconds??  Really!?!  Native Women Sold on US Ships   I already sent him a very “restrained” email and a tweet concerning his statement, but I doubt I’ll see a reply.  After all, I’m just a woman.

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