Inside the Birdcage – September 29, 2015

I went into town to run errands this afternoon briefly.  I have been working on reducing my kit and honestly, I hate cleaning house.  I seriously hate it.  I did, however, manage to get my boots and purses organized, and most of my various girly things put away.  I have a friend who is an utter clothes horse, and the only way I can imagine that she survives is by selling her goodies on a consignment basis.  I don’t realistically even have all that much; I just don’t want to do it, and overcoming my latent autistic tendencies to avoid things I don’t want to do is much more difficult that you might imagine.

Snowden is apparently on Twitter now, and announced his appearance there rather dramatically earlier today.  He also made the announcement apparently that the only account he intents to follow is the NSA.  How interesting.  I decided to start following Assange as well.  Why not, it seems like the three of us should be friends by now really.  Evidently Snowden had something to say about Bill C51 but I’ll be completely honest, I didn’t watch it.  I would however find talking to him to be most fascinating.  I don’t anticipate being fortunate enough to get an interview of course; even I am not that insane.

I have some emails I need to write coming up, but I need to make sure they are well crafted.

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