Inside the Birdcage – October -1, 2015


This is an artist’s depiction of Isaac Umbauch, Stony Plain’s first mayor and Sherrif. During his tenure he chained CN Rail’s trains to the track for nonpayment of rent, built the first jail (using his basement originally; I used to play in his house) and built the first one-room schoolhouse. There’s a statue of him with the legendary chain and a train wheel at Rotary Park by the Visitor’s Information Kiosk.


This morning I went shopping at Casual Connexions at High Street inside Heritage Market on Main Street and bought this darling fascinator  

together. I discussed the many concerns that weigh on my shoulder and the impossibility I feel about carrying out my mission objectives, but I feel much better now. I have a base or two outside the FOB I feel safe-ish in where I can conduct my work; I am networking with the right organizations and individuals to make a difference, and I am beginning to develop a local support network.

 Below are two photos from the foyer to the community Hall.

 I spoke to a pastor today about my work; he apparently is a bit of a follower of the Great Satan over st Public Policy Pirate and was able to follow the narrative very well. I was invited back to to enjoy the solitude of the sanctuary and he prayed with me.  

I told him that honestly my main reason for being there is my constant battle against traffickers, and his that correlates to the refugee crisis, and his important interfaith cooperation will be for the future.  That, and that he only insignia I’m entitled to wear is a Legion pin. Which I’m very proud of.

It was a really great day.

I’ve also decided that if anyone wishes to make me a very happy Wren this Christmss, I would love to receive a skin care basket from Fable Natural Cosmetics purchased through Magdalene House, which is about $35 and is fair trade and Canadian produced, a mortar and pestle via  Twigz Creations which is an artisan based non profit microbusiness which combats trafficking, or a 26 Second Challenge necklace from Destiny Rescue Shop.  Delivery can be made to R.Millward, c\o Stony Plain Post Office Main, Alberta Canada.  Please let me know in advance if you’re going to play Santa; I’ve no desire to use people here.
Letters and Christmas cards of the non creepy kind are welcome as well.  It gets lonely in Stormcage.

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