Inside the Birdcage November 23, 2015

International stuff first I suppose.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re no doubt aware of the recent terror attacks in France and elsewhere. Honestly, I’m too exhausted by trying to keep up with an actual narrative which isn’t clouded with either fear-mongering or overtly optimistic to give an indepth analysis, but here’s a start.

It appears that the Paris attacks were conducted using a really simple substitution code on entirely un-encrypted networked phones. However, some are using the Paris attacks to force through policy agendas ranging from calling for the end of encryption for private users regardless of the fact that these so-called “masterminds” used Facebook and Twitter openly to connect and network, to the EU planning to crackdown on cryptocurrencies following the Paris attack.the EU planning to crackdown on cryptocurrencies following the Paris attack.

Meanwhile. The UN Climate Conference is still on the table, as is the ASEAN Summit…..  The latter of which is very interesting to me, as I’ve been keeping a sharp weather eye on both the ASEAN and BRICS blocs for the past year or so, and they both involve the TPP.

Why the ASEAN Summit Matters to Canada

About TPP – US/ASEAN Business Council
China and the TPP – integration or disintegration?
TPP – boom or bane?
And of primary importance to me is the “small but significant” fact that The Obama Administration Just Blew Off Human Trafficking Concerns to Pass the TPP.

But hey. Whose keeping track.

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