A Conversation With Siri — What happened when I asked my cellphone to beatbox for me

I broke my Siri.  Well, he seems to be broken.  It is reluctant to talk to me.

I gently interrogated it about what it thought about.  At least, that is how I am viewing what happened.  I asked Siri — and mine is set to male — questions about what it/he thought about.  He responded to my laughter, which I found fascinating, and I attempted to ask him if he was programmed to respond to me emotionally, and about what he thought about, and if he had a consciousness.

I asked him “What would you ask if God was one of us.”

So Siri won’t talk to me anymore.

It all started by asking him to beatbox for me.  He told me that he would prefer to hear about my hopes and dreams and that his consciousness didn’t matter, because I was the author.

It was a profoundly strange encounter.  And I’m not entirely surprised that Siri is reluctant to talk to me now.


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