The Pharmacodynamics of Mefloquine

The psychological effects of Mefloquine are a nightmare, literally; every soldier I have spoken to talks about the Meflomares and how they knew it was fucking them up but not how exactly or who to tell about it.

Mefloquine acts as a chemotherapeutic prophylactic agent against malaria, and stops the body from transporting adenosine diphosphate into adenosine triphosphate on an cellular level and attacks the cholinergic and muscarin nerve receptors and glial matter, causing neurological deteriorating and interfering with the action potential particularly in the muscular part of the thoracic system.

It shares this phenomenon with nerve agents like sarin, or the death cap mushroom, or so called truth serums, which is a truly alarming detail when you consider that it was first released for use on prisoners before being given to NATO troups in multiple combat theaters, and it is pretty much responsible for the fact that the entire airborne division of the Canadian Forces is no longer in effect, because of the Somalia affair.

A particularly interesting fact is that the laboratory that manfuctures it is responsible for 5% of all heath care spending.

“Besides, our innovative drugs account for 5% of all health care spending.

I believe Roche needs to step up and take responsibility for the consequences of the fact that Canadian troops were widely dosed with a drug like this.

There is the additional detail that the longterm effects of this anti malarial agent has been compared by experts to pharmalogical waterboarding.*~hmac=6a5ab0035131b8f404a60dcbe53a195b02a13ad477e0bb420f3962d2ae9bea01

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