Bodicea and Psychological warfare – The Original FoxFire

Bodicea was a Queen Emperor in the the age of clan warfare, and was the last to hold the wall against the Roman Incursion.  She was married, but lost her husband, and went on to hold out a long and protratcted battle from atop Hadrian’s Wall on the Apian Road.


Foxfire refers to a practice in which she would sent out women dressed in pelts with spears to light green fires and then sneak away in the night, convincing the Romans that the place was haunted.  She eventually fell in battle and Gaul was lost to the Romans, but not before she stuffed uniforms with straw and pour boiling water over them; or stuffed her last boar with the very last of the corn cobs and threw it over in contempt, saying “enjoy you pigs; we have enough to last the winter!”





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