I recently saw on a UN Human Rights commissioner’s page a cartoon with a woman in a medieval ducking chair — the kind they used to suspend suspected and accused “witches” in over ponds with the caption “If she floats, she’s a migrant; if she drowns, she’s a refugee.”   I admit, I found it darkly amusing.  But really, it isn’t funny at all.

I know a lot of people in Canada are very displeased about the fact that we are taking in refugees.  I personally am just accepting the change and trying to do what I can; the truth is that Canada cannot afford NOT to accept refugees in light of something called the Responsibility to Protect, which guarantees our our national sovereignty.  If Canada doesn’t step and accept refugees, it is not considered to be acting to prevent genocide.  Canada has already lost her seat at the United Nations Security Council to Portugal because it has been lax in meeting her obligations on the international stage for some time.

I don’t really see much difference between a refugee, a homeless person, a trafficking victim, an elderly person, a disabled person, or a veteran.  What I do see is that Canada has massive immigration and labour laws issues that need addressing, along with our mental health and community resources and housing.



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