Two Fresh Ideas for Fighting Radicalism

Since it is becoming glaringly apparent that we as a world are running out of ideas to combat radicalism, I would like to introduce a few fresh ones.

One method for countering the radicalization of kids, especially those within the autism/ASD community, would be the matching up of veterans with those identified as at-risk personalities or priority targets.  This could be done through a form of cyber “Big Brother/Big Sister” programs where a veteran simply plays video games with the individual and keeps them company/stimulates their mind, and would require very little in funding.  Radicalization through games is not an unheard of phenomena, and bonding through the internet is a reality we should accept and work with rather than fight.  This would have the additional benefit of giving the veterans the feeling that they are contributing to “the fight” and help with a the sense of isolation both parties feel.

The other method I wish to address would be the construction in Canada of housing/occupational education for high-risk youth/young adults.  “The Great Satan” and I discussed this at length in 2014, and I still think the idea has a lot of merit.  His conceptualization was of publicly funded but privately operated “homes” that people who want to leave violent families or gang life could approach, where their housing and daily needs would be taken care of and they would receive an education appropriate to public service occupations (ranging from EMT to construction or trade and everything in between).  Upon acceptance, an individual would sign a contract that stated upon the completion of the program they would take a job in their chosen field or would immediately go to jail so that the tax payer burden is minimized, and receive a card similar to those given to French Foreign Legion members, which would enable them to contact the organization at any time for assistance, no questions asked, to keep them from falling into the system cracks.  If necessary, a new identity could be issued as well.

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