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I spent a lot of time in Hell using problem solving to prevent him from hurting me. One problem we worked on was how to use technology to address climate change and the refugee crisis; before I got out of there and saw ads about it on Facebook we were talking about shroomcrete and limecrete and rice cement. Not just as abstracts but how we’d utilize them, both in the building of communities on the ground and in the construction of Leviathon, an airship city with defensive and cargo abilities. I consider losing the physical schematics in my journey to freedom a great loss. It pains me deeply to know these dreams and ideas will go unfulfilled because of kleptocracy, autocratracy, and oligarchy.

I never said there was anything normal about what I went through.

I’m settling down and looking after my health, which under an authoritarian leadership is absolute a must. Again I’d like to put a plug in for the John Akabutu Comprehensive Centre for Bleeding Disorders in Edmonton.

I am being heavily censored on Facebook and suppose I’ll have to use my time better now. Continuing to use twitter and LinkedIn. Planning to continue working on self development and on hobbies. Because one way authoritarians win is by eating up all your emotional energy or repressing emotional expression through art.

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