Aftercare Model for Trafficking Survivors

After Care for Human Trafficking – Psychology/Sociology


  • Understand first that the crime of trafficking/slavery is vastly soul destructing.  It destroys an individual’s independence, their self worth, robs them of psychological and physical safety, and teaches learned helplessness.


  • Understand that healing from the trauma will not and cannot happen until the individual is in an emotionally and physically safe place, and that they may display strange physical behaviour while undergoing healing – this is called cellular memory, and it is normal.


  • Emotional safety is created by creating a spiritually rich environment – through music, art, colours, textures, and scents.  By having safe ways to express oneself through mediums such as poetry, artwork, dance, acting, singing, or writing, positive feedback, the feeling of contribution, and social support.


  • Storytelling is an important factor in overcoming trauma – it creates intimacy, and intimacy is how emotional support and safety is created.


  • the use of Natural Language Processing and Neurolinguistics, isochronic beats, and binaural beats, can come in very helpful in reprogramming the psyche and empowering the spirit of the individual.

copyright Rene Dawn Millward, 20141380649242

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