Inside the Birdcage #7 – February 9, 2015

Politics first.

Minister O’toole of VAC just gave Craig Hood a commendation for his efforts to get veterans – particularly the younger crowd – back into the Legion.  Because honestly, the Legion is the best point of contact negotiation point for collective bargaining and negotiations with VAC and the GoC chain of command.  He also — and I am really seriously starting to like this guy — asked a digital citizen on Facebook who questioned him about all these events he’s been attending lately and what is he doing for the veterans — asked point blank “What are YOU doing for them?”  Excellent point, Minister O’toole.  One you already know my answer to.

Secondly.  Guy Parent, the veterans ombudsman, just finished a review of the Veterans Review and Appeal Board, and his recommendations include the GoC covering the legal expenses of veterans who are fighting for their benefits.  Minister O’toole apparently was pleased with the recommendations put forth by Mr. Parent, and is quoted as saying “We are committed to further improvement.”

The Canadian Veteran’s Advocacy group appears to be coming under heavy fire from dissenters who have been going to their page to rile up Jerry Kovacs and Mike Blais via insinuations and general nastiness.

At this rate, I am beginning to despair that the veteran community will ever see the kind of solidarity necessary to achieve critical mass impact with the Mefloquine issue.  But I will persevere.  Perhaps it might be worth the time to do some reading on the battle of the proltariate against the bourgesie and on unions instead of pupillitometry and quantum biology?

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