Interview With Nathan Tanner re: Possibilities for Space Colonization

Season One, Episode Six: Interviews With Nathan Tanner, a Modern Renaissance Man

(Note:  This interview first appeared on the site  in December of 2014)

Re-inventing fire-

Our planet is strange everyone can notice this. People dividing us we should be one.

-every time we reach the end we contradict ourselves. Sound and resonance changes us. Gaia energy , zero point whatever you wanna call it- take the resonance of the earth and turns it into energy.

Sound travels at the speed of light and faster, when you think about it music is a bit like a lightbulb its turned on then it is instantaneous and continuous. Finding the earth’s resonance that can make energy from the right resonance,

Ways to harness

Just a idea, if you had 9 batteries that were full, 3 powering the device and three charging the three that are powering and three charging the ones that are charging the batteries that are powering it could have a very high efficiency.

The physical evidence of showing these technologies exist we just need look back in history very far.

Figuring out how to recycle energy could it be possible.

Sound travelling in a cross pattern can cause a lifting effect.

4D printing is a process where through programming matter to teach itself to build and construct objects or buildings over your desire.

Tibbits’ latest technology for so-called “4D printing,” unveiled during a talk at the TED conference on 26 February in Long Beach, California, uses water to activate and power strands of material that fold themselves into desired shapes. It will be developed in part by the new MIT Self Assembly Lab — to be headed by Tibbits and also announced during his talk — and also by Stratasys, a Minnesota- and Israel-based maker of 3D printers. Tibbits, a faculty member at the MIT Department of Architecture, is also working with Autodesk on software to program 4D printing systems.

In saying this there are endless applications for this.

1- cars that change– basically transformers TBC

2- video games holodecks- when you enter a 4d programmable room, in your suite which is a nano sensor suite that relays your movements to the quantum computer that is running the room, then you insert your program chip ~~ like a cd ~~ then the programming starts to commence and whatever is programmed will be around you 360 and above and underneath ,has a infinite treadmill ~~ they use them in the military for training on early system of what I’m talking about to simulate training exercises~~ the treadmills rotate forward and sideways to create a infinite effect that allows 360* and allows the person to walk in direction he likes without walking of the edge. Now what happens when the programming starts up it is a virtual reality. So If you choose NY simulation the room will form you in a city , well apart of the city anyway. a gaming centre- (100m by 190m)or commercial- (10m by 10m) then wherever you walk it will form quicker then the eye can see.

  1. Medical application- you inject the programmable nano matter  into the damaged area, using nano matter it is the process in which uses 4d matter that is programmed to repair the cells that are damaged, 100% bio-degradable, tbC

Thinking, what is thinking.

As I’m in this moment I am thinking yet I am writing this moment down for there upon I can live this moment again.

We can actually talk and think about something at the same time but it is actually a split difference between the thoughts, my question is what is happening in that difference, could that be what refer to as nothing or is it so much more.


Thinking is what we want it to be a picture,video, memory,a person, a time, a event,anything we desire really so if that is so why can’t we control everything that is happening, because we have have other brains also streaming thoughts Into our lives and especially stars and famous people in general are role models so there thoughts intervene more than most people but even a young person is able to perform this so called thought manipulation. When we think of the past we seem to say thing in past tense, why is this another thought manipulation because if we referd to a man in past tense and we said that tomorrow he would do the same thing that he did in the past it is showing cracks that I did just say that the man was in the past but I said he would do it tomorrow  the Brain can comprehend this I just did. By writing it so it is possible in a thought but I wonder if it can be possible to be ahead and behind at the same time space and time

Transporter device- liquid jump❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️

If we look at ice, we see that it forms from a liquid into a solid and can continue this process back forth from liquid to solid,  so if you find a way to put this into the human DNA we could be dematerialized and be able to be reformed without being damaged. And humans are 80% water so there should be some way to transfer this magic property from ice into human DNA is a possibility with intense research, and then the work that is being done on dematerializing machines, will be complemented  by it and that was the biggest problem that the person wouldn’t  rematerialise. But ice shows that it can be done in the freezing and unfreezing process.

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