Inside the Birdcage – 21 June, 2015

I don’t even know where to begin.

Let’s start locally.  A homeless woman was recently found deceased and tied to a shopping cart in the city I used to live in.  She was the 11th homicide of the year there, and I can’t help but wonder who will remember her.

On a national level, Bill C-51 was recently passed.  I did what I could with my limited ability to fight the thing, but honestly, I’m tired of fighting.  And it has occurred to me that this bill can and should be used to bring an end to government corruption and human rights abuses here in Canada. We have an election this year, one that promises to change the landscape of Canada forever, and Justin Trudeau has been telling us that part of his election platform is that if the Liberals win, they would get rid of the first past the post and the big party system we currently have in effect.

The Cold War 2.0 has been heating up tension wise, with Russia blustering about NATO and the US being war mongers (and saying nothing about the 40 missiles they recently bought, or their pact with China and Iran and Turkey for gas and oil, and certainly nothing about the illegal use of electronic warfare against citizens in the Ukraine, and definitely nothing about their economic trade deals in the South Pacific).  I have been banging my head against the thorny problem of the ASEAN/BRICS coalition, and trying to figure out what that means for Canada.  As white swan events go, this one is a biggie, particularly with the passing of the TPP.

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