The Death of Aylan Kurdi – The Boy on the Beach

This morning, the Internet was broken by the image of a little boy drowned to death on a beach off the coast of Greece.

His name was Aylan Kurdi, and he was part of a family who were fleeing persecution. I am not familiar with the exact details of this case, I’ll be the first to admit, but it breaks my heart.  I know he was not the only member of his family to die in those waters.

Aylan Kurdi is a face and a name that I can give to you to show you the depth of the unimaginable tragedy that is the global refugee crisis. I can put this one little child to rest, and know that I have done my best by him and by his family. Unlike so many other children caught up in the web of trafficking and smuggling in the face of climate change and natural disasters.  I can put this little boy to rest.

Almost immediately, Prime Minister Harper was calling for further efforts against the D’aasch, stating that the death of Aylan Kurdi should strengthen Canadian resolve to combat them, because Aylan and his family were fleeing the D’aash.

But still, Mr. Harper refuses to acknowledge the issue of human trafficking here in Canada, or our missing women.  I have yet to hear him address the fact that his most recent legislation Minister at heart of Syrian boy controversy was rising star in Harper’s cabinet

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