Strategies for Defeating the D’aash

The D’aasch narrative – that the Caliphrate will expunge the Western Devil and bring back a form of lasting peace to the Middle East through the interpretation and implementation of Sharia law is best countered through a well constructed humour and education campaign rather than through brute force and desperation. Supporting pivotal figures like Malala in the media as rallying points for the Abrahamic spirit of the Jihadi warrior will be encumbent, as will the diversion of financial investgators and social engineers and disruptors.

The important thing to bear in mind with regards to terror cells like the D’aash is that they can only outwardly expad so far before they begin to implode under the weight of their own development

The soldiers who comprise the brute force of the D’aash are far less of a concern to me in the long term than the mothers of those fighter’s children.

After Romulus slew Remus during the construction of Rome, he andhis men seized a tribe of women known as the Sabines  There is an old painting illustrating the agony of these women when the men of Sabine stormed Rome and seized their women back – slaying the new husbands and children of these women in the process.  It is called the Rape of the Sabines and it shows the women wailing and harming themselves in protest to the Gods for this indignant fate.

The real long term threat from groups like the D’aash is the alteration of the cultural maternal narrative and the experience the women and children of the D’aash will face under the different quasi religious state orthodoxies that this war will spawn.

Several months ago while Doctrine Man was seeking a long-term viable strategy to our current pest problem, I learned that because of the opium and tobacco fields in Afghanistan and Pakistan, children and young girls are routinely traded by traffickers The fields are actually owned by Russia and China, and contention over the land and sale of the heroin ensures that the area is kept in perpetual conflict.  This is actually why I started to research tobacco butts and pyrolysis and BRICS and ASEAN.

Basically, our international finance system is supposed to be set up so that if a particular country was assigned a particular code in terms of its human rights record, that country deserves and receives harsh condemnation by the security council (which has already spoken up about the situation regarding Indigenous Peoples missing people in Canada) and the IMF until such time as they get their relative acts together.

So essentially we are looking at an illegal war (in terms of loss/gain raio) and are in violation of the same international rights we have fought world wars for.  The only military strategy that the PMO has put forth is to a) Fund a giant tax-payer funded waste of money called the F-35 which is wide open to Russian and Chinese radar EVEN if it did fly, and b) Bomb the shit out of the with drones. Drones operated by morons on bases with little to no encryption on open fucking channels.


Bombing a civilian site when there are alternative means to achieve mission success is madness, particularly when absolutely no attempt at diplomatic means has been attempted.

Some diplomatic means I would put forward for the purpose of defeating the D’aash would be:

  • Support the mainstream adoption of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.  Bitcoin is highly desirable on the Deep Web and as an algorthimically based economy, cannot truly be manipulated although it can be utilized and tracked on a purely anonymous basis, particular via onion TOR routers.
  • Support efforts to pay for the bride prices of prominent D’aash slaves.
  • Support efforts to get water going in the Sudan and other areas effected by drought.
  • Support the NGO Isis International, which seeks to empower individual women in Islamic nations. In fact, all corporations which utilize the name ISIS as part of their marketing should be approached for their support in combatting this infection.
  • Corporations such as Nutella which have seen their products used for the purpose of propaganda by the D’aash could be approached regarding marketing campaigns to combat the narrative.
  • Auditors and financial investigators should be dispatched to comb through the Deep and Dark Webs to find the financial trails and pinch them off at the foundation.

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