Thoughts about Thought

Portions of the  following were first published at Neuro-physics, a data dump on Facebook that I run for myself and some fans.  I’m not sure how many of them understand most of the gobbledeegook I publish there, but I do, oddly enough.


A thought is really just the spark of electrons within the framework of a neuron. Memory, as well as we are able to determine, is stored in prion-like proteins in the glial matter, which is one reason why memory deterioration manifests itself physiologically through events like tremors and drop foot.

The memory of an event stored within a working neural framework is created through the action potential and the sodium ion pump action.

Understanding how thoughts and memories are created, stored, and manifest themselves is principle to mindful cognitive management of mental health problems.

Deep Brain Stimulation – How Far Can It Go?

It has been documented that when someone with PTSD/OSI undergoes EMDR therapy, which is where they are asked to access traumatic memories while moving their eyeballs, often with appropriate background music, in a therapeutic environment, there is a substantial improvement in both agency and in memory.  There are currently experimentations in the treatment of PTSD/OSI which combine the VR of a memory with EMDR and brain stimulation via external stimulation via the scalp while undergoing physical therapy.  This essentially induces a REM-like brain state allowing for the memories of an individual to be sifted through in a constructive and safe manner.

One way that EMDR and other traumatology therapies work is by allowing an individual to view their thoughts and memories as a nonjudgemental witness while they work them through their limbic system, thereby reducing stress on the overall immunological system.

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