Buckle Up

I really and honestly believe we as a nation need to have a discussion about dialogue and communications, particularly with the passing of Bill C-51. I have a lot of questions about that bill, particularly since it was written and passed apparently in conflict with the international http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/bill-c-51-not-in-keeping-with-canadas-international-obligations-un/article25642360/ policies regarding privacy and the right to be forgotten.

Bill C-51 worries me for many reasons, from the fact that it puts current overseas RCMP operations at risk to the fact that the spy masters themselves didn’t want these changes, to the issue that there are currently more Russian agents operating in North America than at the height of the Cold War, not to mention obvious things like insider trading, blackmail and extortion, and blacklisting.

We have seen from the past what happens when a government assumes that its nations’ citizens are not free to express themselves freely or to conduct free personal and business relationships according to their free will.

We are passing a large milestone here, boys and girls. Buckle up.

One should also note that this legislation puts the national surveillance of private citizens not in the hands of CSIS, which is supposed to be a stand-alone entity which swears its loyalty only to the Sovereignty of Canada and not to the office of the Prime Minister, has now been moved to the Department of Defense.  Trudeau Defends Liberal Vote on Bill C51.  This fact alone makes my eyebrows raise.

It is important to make note that at this juncture in time the North American electronic defence system is in very piss poor shape, and that the defence budgets for this field have been slashed over the past few decades.  Canada and the United States are very much behind the times in terms of their systems integrity, and the Russians recently just launched a new satellite system in order to deal with the fact that their obsolete one was no longer capable of detecting orbital threats or determining their point of origin.

The Chinese, Russians, and Iranians are all working to harden their communications systems using quantum dynamics and computers, and the NSA has recently been coming under heavy fire from quantum computer systems.

Dr. Michio Kaku has called the current state of our telecommunications systems one of the greatest issues we are currently facing and has requested a global “Manhattan Project” on the issue.  The Pentagon is starting to establish a new Cyber and Space Command Centre.

Canada is…  I am not sure what Canada is doing about this.

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