Waging Peace Part II

About this time last year @Doctrine Man asked probably entirely in jest about someone considering the real possibility of peace in the Middle East.

I like impossible conundrums.

So I started reading about the opium bride situation and the tobacco fields in Afghanistan and how they are owned by Russian and Chinese investors, and that the people who farm them sell children and women. And then I learned that cigarette butts could be used through pyrolysis to create supercapicators which outperform the ones we use graphene for.

It hit me that we could solve two problems at once and set up an NGO to recycle cigarette butts which was run on fair trade Peelian principles with the girls from the areas effected by the opium bride situation. This with say, the Legion or the CAF makes sense, since the opium fields are tied to the tobacco fields; the flower of the battles of World Wars I and II are the poppy, maybe the flower of this one should be the tobacco leaf.

Fair trade between the communities of the Gaza strip used to be very much the norm, and there are interfaith organizations for the trade of products created by independent microbusinesses in the Middle East that are dedicated to the mandate of peace in our time through the empowerment of women.

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