Lessons from Leonides Regarding Integration

The film 300 is a great work of cinematic magic, and demonstrates power, corruption, and the Responsibility to Protect quite well.

It also shows us what we expect of a true military leader, in the character of King Leonides. And one of the aspects of this is his inability to integrate the deformed hunchback into his ranks, which ultimately led to the betrayal of his kingdom.

Yesterday I was reading Doctrine Man’s wall; he’s been posting a lot lately about women serving in the service branches and catching all kinds of flack for it online.

One respondent referred to the entire female population as “vagina”.

The field of war is and has been changing while I write this, to include cyberspace. We are currently fighting a psychological war on several fronts, one of which is the extremist religious fronts. To combat the threat of the D’aash, we need to change the perceptions we have of their culture and how women are treated and perceived by our own people.

It has been said before, and I agree, that for best outcome, the war against the D’aash will be fought through women, black money, and special ops.

Our obvious inability to integrate people into our society creates back doors for saboteurs and social engineers, and leaves us open to attack.

It is worth remembering that while Leonides may have known logically that he needed to integrate the hunchback, he could not satisfy the equations created by his culture in order to get past myth, emotion, and ethics, and that was his failure.  True; it was the fault of the men under him that led his inability to integrate the hunchback, but the failures of subordinates weigh heavily on the shoulders of a true leader.

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