Inside the birdcage -September 24, 2015

Well, the election has been hearing up, with tempers flaring left and right, and the only thing all veterans can appear to agree on is the importance of voting, period.

Meanwhile I continue to look for work. I’ve recently made several interesting contacts in the private sector via Twitter, and remain hopeful.

An earthquake recently rocked the coast of Chile and the Syrian refugees in Uruguay have been complaining about their treatment. I can see that actually;  and Pepe was held in a black site for some time himself, and I understand that traumatic hardship tends to create people who while empathetic, are also very hard nosed.

Somehow or another, the niqab at citizen ceremonies has become a federal election issue, while redressing the mefloquine and PTSD issue has not. For that matter, neither has bill C-51, not in the manner I would anticipate or expect.

The TPP talks are continuing. I haven’t written much about them, but basically the TPP has Canada signing with foreign interests who are in violation of international law (human trafficking is often why), and would allow these foreign interests to sue Canada for protecting her fresh water supplies. Why these nations aren’t experiencing sanctions instead of being approached in flawed and risky trade deals, I’m unclear, particularly as the D’aash and other terror groups remain in the forefront of the electoral campaign narratives. 

One of the main reasons I oppose the Tar Sands, incidentally, is the use of fresh water to flush bitumen to the surface when we could be utilizing biomass conversion of solid waste to fuel.

A kid I knew back in the 2000s was arrested recently by Interpol for his part in something called the Spy Eyes virus. I knew him when he was like ? 14 or something; he’s 28 now and internationally known. He wanted me to sponsor him. Don’t know if I should be proud or ashamed of him. 

My wifi has been giving me troubles lately and it appears I will be forced to leave the FOB on a more frequent basis. 

I contracted a woman whose been vocal in Nigeria about bringing back the girls stolen from Chibok by bolo haram, and intend to write a theologically based essay soon regarding terrorism.

One thought on “Inside the birdcage -September 24, 2015

  1. the politicians may be saving “the best for last” re: mefloquine and bill c-51. I have no idea of course, so it will indeed be interesting to watch the strategy unfold.


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