Business Idea

I often play a shopping and fashion game on Facebook called Mall World and Fashion Designer.  They interest me not so much because of the shopping part and not even so much because of the products available, but because of how they must operate on a financial level; it the game Fashion Designer for example, a person can buy their own design.  I suspect that low level fashion houses like ModCloth buy designs from this game.  But it’s not the only example of a fashion design or shopping app either; just the one that I am the most familiar with and have spent the majority of my time with.

I was thinking of developing a game like Mall World, where the player runs a store front and design shop, and the products available as gifs for dressing the characters are entirely based off of existing fair trade products, with links to the site which produces them.  Cryptocurrency would fit in here really well because many foreign microbusinesses have already adapted to it for humanitarian purposes.

The game could even allow for the shop runner to buy their own designs for jewellry and clothing and sell them to the artisan groups if they are interested in conducting business in that manner.

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