Inside the Birdcage – September 30, 2015

Well this is turning out to be a very interesting election.  For me, the whole election nonsense actually began last fall at about this point in time, well before it was actually called.  For me it really began with the mefloquine issue becoming a regular mental gnat.

I spoke to one of the loudest voice speaking out about mefloquine, Dr. Remington Nevin, and I was asked for citations to prove several of the points that I made in my essays on mefloquine.  I was more than happy to produce them and was hoping for a chance to discuss them with the editor in question, but unfortunately that didn’t happen.  Nonetheless, he made several good points about the level of citations that I use to support my evidence, particularly given the current anti-science bullshit you find on a regular basis online.  It also made me realize that I really should be putting more work into translating medicalese into Human so my research can actually be understood by laymen.

My mother told me about a woman who makes a regular income by blogging, and one of her main methods for gaining a following is by using photographs with quotations on them with a linkback to her site.  I think that’s genius actually; Doctrine Dominatrix could probably use a little more romance.

I should probably be looking into getting my debt situation fixed, which means working out my actual financial/legal SNAFU.  I was put in contact with bookkeepers and am waiting for my tax return so I can officially declare myself a business.  I need a worker to help me resolve a lot of the red tape and to help me with getting access to a reliable vehicle.  And I’m job hunting, which is stressful, to say the least.

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