Escape from Stormcage

This is how I’ve come to view leaving my rather reclusive FOB at the end of the universe.

A friend of sorts who is somewhat familiar with my psychosocial history gave me the SO to take myself alone into town three times a week for a minimum of half a day. 

I’m building up to it. 

So today I hit Bings on Main, had breakfast… Met a strange man who asked me to take a selfie of him and one of our murals.

I’ve been sending my essays via tweets to various people in various places. Whether the intended audience receives them or not remains unknown.

And I found the best shop. I just picked up like five beautiful scarves and several pairs of gloriously big earrings for less than ten bucks from the Youth Centre. I volunteered there in High School. They’ll also let me bring my pretties in when I want a change.


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