How Annoying That they Have To Hold Elections For Their Cause — The Inconvience of Having to Get a Majority — Evita

What the hell country did I wake up to?

My standing PM is harping on about the fact that less than a handful of women wore their niqab at their citizenship ceremonies.  Jason Kenney is talking about establishing a “barbaric cultural practise” hotline for people to rat on their neighbours.

When I say less than a handful, I mean less than a handful.  Those women all claim that they chose to wear it, sometimes over the objection of their husbands, and I believe them.

I lived under a sort of self imposed sharia law when I lived in the ghetto in Edmonton as a direct result of the level of superstition I encountered there of all kinds because of my flaming red hair.  So a hijab became very comfortable, and many other women in the area who were white and “Canadian” but trendy wore them as well, because it keeps your hair from getting destroyed and protects your identity, which is kind of important when you live in an area with a very high crime and domestic violence rate and are two blocks from the local inner city hospital and there’s a morgue down the street.

Where’s the real policy making in this election?  It’s just mud hurling and hate mongering.  We’ve already seen several attacks against Muslim mosques in Canada, and now women wearing niqab are being attacked in public?

If the government is so very concerned about misogyny and the oppression of women, why on earth has it refused to hold a proper investigation and thorough inquiry into the state of our missing and murdered aboriginal women, particularly when a person is trafficked roughly once every 26 seconds internationally and there is evidence that some of those women were sold to the United States via ships.

We have a standing public official who has gone on record to say that the issue should not be something we hold the government responsible for, and we have an elected leader of the nation who claims that these missing women are not “high on his radar”.

And yet he passes bills that both violate personal freedom and put national security at risk in the name of combatting jihadi terrorism.

He passes laws that violate international conventions.

This during an election.  There has been no national debate whatsoever regarding privacy laws and creating a solid cyber strategy or even a media strategy for combatting the D’aash;  no discussion about how trafficking helps fuel the same groups we are supposably passing these laws  to justify.  There are only two houses of refuge right now in Canada for trafficking victims, and I am fortunate to have been able to attend one of their meetings and be a guest of a member of the committee for a few days last year.

All of their funding came from massive grassroots funding and corporate sponsorship within the community.  They could not access any government funds until they were and are able to prove that their program works, which means likely keeping an eye on the girls after they leave the House.

But by all means, yes, lets care about a piece of fabric at a public event that has happened less than ten times in Canadian history – the wearing of the niqab at the citizenship ceremony.

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