The Rise of the Robots – Omega Males

This morning began much as I expected it to, which is death and gore and a refugee crisis and an election totally missing all actually relevent political issues and instead spinning an international criminal ring into a world war….

And this.

Because of my writing, I occasionally receive direct or indirect threats, although for the most part this has not happened in a long time, and I am instead simply subjected to the general subtle violence against women one sees on Facebook, particularly when one’s special interest happens to be human trafficking and sex slavery.  It sort of comes with the territory, and I’ve come to get pretty used to the fact that signing into facebook means facing a potential onslaught of unwanted attention.

When Roger Elliot commmited his murder spree, a friend of mine, a pimp actually, tried to convince me that there was, even if it was horrifically wrong, some sort of logical social pattern that made the motivation behind killings like these the fault of the women who rebuffed their advances.  He tried to use me personally as an example, and quite frankly the entire interchange left me feeling ill and I ended up unfriending him over it.

The online dialogue I have been attempting to have about reasonable gun legislation – not control, but legislation for Gods’ sakes in America given the current suicide and homicide numbers relative to actual terrorist threats has been more than disappointing.

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