Inside the Birdcage – October 14, 2015.  The Red Shawl and RedDRESS Projects and the Niqab Debate 

Mmm. The niqab debate has sparked an intriguing ripple in Canadian society, with a moment by afoot to vote mummer style; that is, wearing facial coverings, as a form of quiet civil rebellion against our increasingly draconian security measures. I can get behind this! 

 #FallFashion #WhenIsAScarfAFashionStatememt


Meanwhile, I’ve been participating in the #RedShawlProject and #ReDRESSProject, which are grassroots art projects designed to draw awareness to #MissingSistersInCanada.

I found the experience to be  both very triggering and healing and hope the photos help bring closure and justice for so many.

This is the scarf I lived under sharia law in. It is eggplant and has tiny rosebuds. The p were taken with an iPhone in rural Alberta on private property. 


 Photos copyrighted to R.Millward 
Red Shawl Solidarity
About the RedDRESS Project
The RedDRESS Project Home

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